Thor is developing sufficient Helium resources from multiple discovered gas pools and a Helium processing plant in Alberta, Canada. This strategy includes securing large reserves of economic Helium optimized gas plant capacity and product purification to maximize the value of the Helium gases.  Thor will concurrently optimize distribution and sale structure for the Helium.

Majority working interest owner on proven helium dome

The rapid depletion of the US reserves of helium, which until now, has been the largest supplier to the world with helium has resulted in the world looking for new sources of helium. There is increasing demand coming from magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), semiconductor processing and basic research.  With no significant alternate supply of helium the demand is quickly outstripping supply and the result was price escalation for crude helium supplied by the BLM from US$50 per Mcf in 2000 to over US$157 per Mcf in 2014. Thor’s goal is to develop helium reserves of a scale that would lead to the construction of a cryogenic liquid helium plant.  The liquid helium plant has the potential for greater production and flexibility while offering superior value creation and access to a broader market. Liquid helium contracts are continually seeing prices near US$450 per Mcf.






Over 15 years of reserve life on 1st project




Most of the techniques and skillsets required to explore for helium are similar to oil and gas exploration, but there are some subtle differences both from a technical and operational perspective the team have mastered from its inert gas exploration experience since 2008.These skills have allowed Thor to capture an extensive land package of de-risked prospects with 10+ Bcf identified of potentially recoverable helium within pipeline distance to each other.

10+ Bcf of recoverable helium

The Thor Team has more than 100 years of combined experience in the oil and gas industry covering all required disciplines for a successful exploration business of the natural gas of helium.


Working together since 2007  Thor has successfully researched and explored for large economic resources of inert gases, including helium, over large parts of North America identifying opportunities with the lowest risk.  Thor's team has the resources to ensure when sourcing lands to acquire and drill for helium, that it's de-risked using the latest technology and knowledge of geology, geophysics and engineering.  Finding a well that has helium is easy, finding an economic helium discovery takes knowledge, experience and economic understanding. Ironically, high content of helium is not always what you are looking for.  Easily overlooked are important items to the projects overall success such as the impact to the environmental regulations, oil and gas regulations, surface land constraints, power supply and infrastructure costs. All these issues have been addressed on Thor’s inventory of prospects